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Nicholas E. Tishler, New York Litigation and Appellate Lawyer

I was born in New York City and raised in the greater New York metropolitan area. I decided to attend Northeastern University School of Law in Boston because of its commitment to practical legal education and high quality legal writing. After graduating law school I returned to Long Island, where I began my career as an assistant district attorney with the Office of the Suffolk County District Attorney. Having gained significant experience in trial and appellate practice, in 1986 I started my own law practice, concentrating in appeals research and writing. I practiced on Long Island, in New York City and in Rhode Island before establishing my office in Niskayuna, New York. I chose Niskayuna because of its proximity to Albany, New York’s capital, with its extensive research facilities, law school, and appellate courts.

One of my priorities has always been to remain as active as possible in professional associations. Throughout my career I have been a member of the American Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association. I have served in the House of Delegates, as a District Vice President and on the Committee on Courts of Appellate Jurisdiction. I have also planned and taught numerous continuing legal education programs for lawyers on state and federal appellate practice. Additionally, I served as President of the Federation of Bar Associations for the Fourth Judicial District of New York, an organization of bar associations of northern New York. As President, I fostered collaborations between American lawyers and judges and their Canadian counterparts. Because of the statewide nature of my practice I maintain memberships in bar associations located throughout the State, including the New York City Bar Association, and the county bar associations of Suffolk, Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, and Rennselaer.

I am also committed to improving performance and proficiency levels in the area of legal writing and appellate practice for myself but also for the profession. I have pursued this committment by teaching appellate practice at Albany Law School as an adjunct professor and by participating as a judge in appellate moot court competitions in the United States and abroad, including the International Criminal Court moot court competition sponsored by Leiden University in the Netherlands. I also served on a panel of critical readers and practitioner contributors for Garner's Modern American Usage (Oxford University Press 2009) and Black's Law Dictionary (9th ed.)(West 2009). I am constantly working to improve my own skills by attending extensive continuing legal education programs that are specifically designed for appellate lawyers. As a result of my efforts I have earned the highest peer review ratings in Martindale-Hubbell and Super Lawyers.

After decades of legal experience I am well-equipped for the technical and intellectual challenges of handling appeals. But it was working in the family hardware store in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, when I was a child that taught me how to treat people. I will never forget my grandmother instructing me in her thick Russian accent to greet people with the five words, “How may I help you?” From that formative experience, I learned the virtues of hard work, honest dealing and empathy. It is the passion for helping people that informs the way I counsel lawyers, potential clients and their families who often come to me after devastating economic and personal losses in court. The legal system is incredibly complex, and understanding it is a never ending learning process. Appellate practice, in particular, adds a further layer of sophistication and complexity. I take pride in the time and care I take to help my clients navigate some of the most difficult times they and their families face.

I have represented clients in many diverse areas of the law in the state and federal appellate courts located in New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Rhode Island and I have assisted attorneys and their clients throughout the United States and even in Europe. So, to use the phrase my grandmother taught me many years ago, “How may I help you?”






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